Message From Chancellor – Dr. Madhukar Angur

Dear Parents/Guardians                                                                                                                           December 1, 2016

Over the past several months, we have seen turbulent times and severe hardships that have not only affected all of us but also have cast a dark shadow over the very values upon which ALLIANCE UNIVERSITY was founded.  From the day we took up the initiative to build a world-class educational institution, various problems have surfaced intermittently and every time our hard-core grit and conviction in ourselves have helped us overcome all hurdles.

Not being able to interact with all of you for quite some time, is the worst ever denial I have suffered in the recent past. I assure you with conviction to undertake every possible measure to restore and uphold the reputation of ALLIANCE UNIVERSITY. While I mention this, it becomes imperative for me to take a few tough and hard decisions in days to come, but nevertheless it has to be taken for the larger good of the institution.

As it is rightfully said, “MUTUAL LOYALTY HAS MADE THE GREATNESS OF ANY WORKS”, it will need all of your involvement to accomplish this mission and I sincerely solicit the same. Every prudent need of our students will be looked into carefully without inconveniencing any student and I assure you that our days of glory, which appear to be covered under a blanket of uncertainty, will soon resurface, only to be brighter and stronger.

I want to assure all students, parents, guardians and the larger university community that all efforts are made to bring complete normalcy to all operations of the university. Classes in all programs have resumed and please ask your son/daughter to ensure that they attend to their respective classes without fail.  We earnestly request you to please not be misled by any kind of communication from any other source. The University is safe, all academic activities are fully functional and all essential services are fully operational.

As you know, our previous website has been compromised and we have taken all legal measures to ensure that grossly misleading and totally baseless email messages and other information posted on the old tainted previous website is investigated and the miscreants are brought to justice. We have therefore hosted our new official website Also, please visit for regular updates.

A delinquent group of misguided people posing to be officers of the university are, engaged in unscrupulous and illegal activities. They are engaged in spreading rumours and distributing invalid, falsified or fabricated documents to mislead our larger university community. The university administration is taking appropriate legal action against such miscreants to ensure that the delinquent group is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The university is governed by the Alliance University Act 2010, and the Act is supreme. The AU Act is available as a public document. I have also attached herewith the most recent RTI document dated 22-10-2016 for your kind perusal which is self-explanatory. Again, please do not be misled by anybody claiming to be somebody when they are simply impersonators. Please treat any email coming from unauthorised sources including the old domain as a phishing email and discard it.

I am also very glad to inform you that Alliance University has collaborated with CollPoll, a new-age platform, with a mission to make connectivity among the members of the university community (students, parents, faculty, staff, recruiters, etc.) easier in learning environments. Please visit CollPoll empowers an institution with digital tools, which are aimed at creating an open and connected education system. It is a single platform where you can view information posted by your peers, faculty members or administrators as well as reach out to all of them at once.

Alliance University has been built upon strong values with the core being excellence and student centeredness. We shall make every attempt to ensure that no student is put to any hardship for no fault of his or hers. I once again assure you that we shall keep the promise the University made to you and our students in their academic pursuits.

Thank you,


Dr. Madhukar G Angur, B.Tech (NIT), PGDM (IIMA), Ph.D. (Texas)

Founder and Chancellor

Alliance University

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  1. Dear Dr. Madhukar, As a parent i will always support you to our best possible way. But parents are worried and concerned. Ensure that normalcy is resumed in terms of lectures, exam and other activities. I pray it should not affect quality of teaching, new students quality and ofcourse placements.

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