Dear Students,

In view of the security and to protect the interest of the students, it is hereby informed to all the students of Alliance University to pay their tuition fees for the academic year 2016-17 and previous dues, if any, only in the form of Cheque /Demand Draft drawn in favor of Alliance University, payable at Bangalore.  The last day for the payment is November 30, 2016.

Please be informed that the Demand Draft/ Cheque has to be submitted in person by the student/parent/guardian at the Finance Department, Central Campus, Chikkahagade Cross, Anekal – 562 106.  Any other form of payment, either through cash, online, or any other bank transactions will not be considered or recognized by the University.

Also, ensure that you receive official university receipt from the Finance Department Central Campus on submission of DD.

By Order,

Dr. K.S. Venkateshappa


Alliance University




  1. i am father of a MBA semester 1 student. are you joking? Not a single paisa will be given till you restore normalcy. three periods (classes) per day is not normalcy. add at least two more classes (periods) in afternoon session. have classes befitting rs 13.5 lakhs fees of MBA with MORE faculty.
    i am supporting Prof Madhukar as he has built this university with his efforts but i will not give a single paisa till all of the above is done. if forced, i will withdraw my ward from the course as many others are doing

    1. Mr. Akash Kumar, thanks for writing to us and we understand your concerns. Here are few things that you should know about the efforts that the management of varsity is putting towards bringing in the normalcy. We have filled in the faculty vacancies across all the courses and the classes have been consistently running. There was some resistance from the MBA students last week to attend the classes, which has been resolved as well. Prof. Markhande is consistently in touch with the students and has been taking their feedbacks. He has designed the schedules accordingly (with the additional classes), which you should be able to see on the blog. We have also tailored the syllabus for the semester examination keeping time constraints in mind so that the students don’t face the pressure (goes unsaid that the remaining syllabus will be covered during the next semester). Dr. Madhukar Angur has been personally monitoring and micromanaging all the happenings and ensuring that we keep students’ interest as the utmost priority.

      Having said that, you should also know that fee collection is a part of the varsity operations. Although, the last date for the payment was October 16, 2016, we did not implement those time-lines, as our priority at that time was to bring in consistency in the operations.

      We would sincerely appreciate if you could cooperate with us while we are trying our best to bring back Alliance University to its original state.

      If you have any more questions or queries, we will be more than happy to help you. Please feel free to contact us at 080 30938001/9535380060

  2. Thank you Ms Deepa Ladawa. i sincerely appreciate the points you have made. i have just three requests,

    1. do you sincerely feel that just 3 classes per day will be sufficient and will make up for the loss of academic classes in October and November?
    2. What assurance you and the present management can give that there will not be another interruption and hence forth the University will run normally?
    3. Its a nightmare, this one, but let me ask you, is there any chance of Government taking over Alliance University? I don’t want my child to study in the inefficient sector (Government sector)

    i repeat that i am supporting Prof Madhukar as this Business School is purely due to his efforts. i wish him and his team the very best and only hope that normalcy returns at the earliest and the normalcy is made available and visible to parents on your blog and website (by the way the website is down) on a regular basis.
    For your information, i visit your blog site and the main website every one hour for the updates.

    best wishes to you all

    1. Dear Mr. Akash Kumar,
      I am an ex-employee of the University. I have been getting numerous calls on the same issue, from various parents whose ward’s Admissions, I had facilitated during my tenure. I am not being biased but trying to be fair to the students & parents who placed their faith in us.
      I totally understand and appreciate your concerns and I hope to give you the same reassurance that I have been giving to the other worried parents.

      1) First and foremost Sir, it is indeed a valid point that not enough classes are being conducted to make up for covering the pending Syllabus. However, I kindly request you to consider the fact that in spite of the entire old faculty of the University out in a mutiny, the current management is putting in efforts by hiring new faculty and restart the stalled classes. It’s a slow beginning but will surely speed in the days to come. The Dean of Academics shall work hard on that front. It’s only a matter of time before classes will be held in an over drive to make up for lost time. Alliance has always been a pro student institution. Your patience will be a valuable support to both the Students and the University officials to rebound quickly.

      2) With legalities still impending for verdict before the court of law, nobody can give you a complete assurance from their sides. However be assured that the current management is working closely on guarding the interests of the students. I would like to bring to your kind notice, the current management has declared holidays to students only on one occasion. It was the festival season with intermittent Public Holidays. They utilized that time well to hire new faculties. You can see for yourself that the University has been functioning without a declared holiday from their side ever since it reopened on Nov 2nd. That indeed is a positive sign.

      3) Alliance University maybe a Private University, but it is the enforcement of an Act passed by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Karnataka. Act No: 34 of 2010 to be precise. Thus it cannot be wound down by the management like an ordinary private college. The government can neither take over the University completely as there are various provisions and procedures in the Act to do the same. Moreover with the University Grants Commission involved in constituting the University, pls be assured that the Government as of now will only appoint Gazetted Offices to oversee the issues plaguing the University and make necessary amendments for the benefit of the students. Thus the management is answerable to them and need to operate under their supervision. Pls be informed, this is what Government take over actually means.

      For further information, pls do visit the link below for more information on the Act. I am sure it will clear your many doubts.

      It is indeed very heartening and encouraging to see parents who are very supportive and understanding like you. This university was the dream of a world class Academician. Pls do not get confused or worried on hearing any misinformation. Let us pray that these problems roll over and very soon students enjoy the full benefits, that this University has to offer them.

      Thank you.

  3. thank you Mr Ebenezer Paul,
    your words are very fair and reassuring. i hope clarifications like this will be coming more and more from the authorities also. thank you again as your words have made my resolve to support Dr Madhukar more in his endeavors.

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